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Upgrading homes is one of the most powerful ways to reduce carbon emissions, according to climate experts (1), so all of us should know where our homes stand on their impact to the planet.

We want to help. In addition to offering residential energy efficiency retrofits and helping navigate fair green financing options, Green Homeowners United helps by offering home energy assessments to provide clear ideas of where energy efficiency improvements can reduce utility bills & carbon emissions, while paying for themselves.

We will providing up to 50 Home Energy Score energy assessments to residents of Southeastern Wisconsin at no-cost in early 2021. Home Energy Score was designed by the US Department of Energy, who compare it to an "MPG for your home". Home Energy Scores provide a 1-10 score of the home's energy use, identifying energy saving opportunities that are cost effective to undertake. We will visit the home, collect data, and go over the results with you, and (if possible) show ways to have the improvements made at no extra cost.

Provide your information below, and be sure to share with others. We will contact you after signing. (see below for program requirements)

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GOAL: 50 homes

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Program requirements:

  • Home must be a single family home or rental property of 1-4 units at most. Condos, multi-family (5+ units) and commercial properties are not eligible.
  • Property must be in the counties of: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Ozaukee or Washington. Properties in other counties may be considered but may depend on individual property factors assessed by phone.
  • Property cannot have had an energy audit or home energy assessment within the last year
  • Green Homeowners United reserves the right to not assess any property at any time. Especially over issues of safety and access.


1 - Residential Energy Efficiency is Largest Source of CO2 Reduction Potential (October 05, 2017) National Resource Defense Council

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