Option 1: Standard Energy Assessment - $350

The standard energy assessment includes:

-- Assessment of the home's current carbon emissions, annual utility expenses, home's energy ranking compared to all other homes nationwide and recommendations for improving it.

-- Cost/benefit analysis and carbon cutting impact of desired energy efficiency & renewable home improvements whether purchased, financed or done before selling.

-- Allows for special terms with lenders who offer "green mortgages" for home purchase or refinancing, to finance energy efficiency improvements at some of the lowest interest rates available (2.375 - 3.5%) or even short term up-to-24-month 0% interest financing options.


Additionally, if Green Homeowners United is invited to undertake the energy-efficiency improvement opportunities in a home we've assessed/audited, or if you sign up for a "Green Mortgage" when buying or refinancing a home, the amount paid for the assessment or audit will be reimbursed.

Click here to schedule an energy assessment online now, check out available dates/times

We take all precautions with assessments, including sanitizing, distance, masks and everyone affiliated with Green Homeowners United is fully vaccinated.

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  • Kevin Kane