Option 4: Energy Efficiency Improvements package - $3,500

If you're thinking about refinancing but aren't sure, or you want to pay now for energy improvements that will pay for themselves over time and you don't want to worry about financing or paying interest, consider our Energy Efficiency Improvements package. This $3,500 amount can be paid

1. One-time by check or credit card,

2. As part of a 0% interest no-payments for up-to-12-months financing option that can be taken over by a mortgage lender if you do decide to refinance your home within 1 year after the project is undertaken, with no additional fees or costs.

3. As part of a 0% interest up-to-24-months with equal payments financing option with no extra fees or pre-payment penalty.

The $3,500 Energy Efficiency Improvements package includes:

-- Full energy audit and report, as detailed above.

-- Blower-door assisted air sealing work to identify and seal sources of air leaks in and out of the home. (You spend money to heat & cool the air inside, don't let it leak out)

-- Increasing insulation levels to reduce heat loss in attics, above-ground portions of basements, and/or water heating systems.

--A collection of energy-saving upgrades that can include (but not limited to) smart thermostat, advanced power strips, duct-sealing, LEDs, water-saving improvements and more.

-- A report for future buyers to show how energy efficient the home now is, which studies have shown increase amount buyers are wiling to pay at sale by between $10,500 to $21,100 in the average Wisconsin home.

-- A "Proud Green Homeowner" t-shirt.

-- Guidance in navigating "green refinancing" and other financing tools, which can integrate the cost of our Energy-Efficiency Improvements package.

Additionally, we will provide list of what other improvements would be cost-effective for further considerations to cut carbon emissions and save money. And if it turns out your home doesn't require $3,500 worth of energy efficiency improvements, we'll refund the difference.

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  • Kevin Kane